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Employees Provident Fund Status :

India’s EPO is the biggest institute of provident fund in terms of financial transaction volume and members in the world; the EPO act was enforced on March 4th 1952.

Benefits of EPF Status For Employees And Employers :

  • Settlement of EPF balance status via form 19

1. EPF Status After Two Months Waiting Period :

  • 69(1)(e)(i) Transfer of employee (non retrenched) to open establishment from closed establishment.
  • 69(1)(e)(ii) Under same employer, transfer of employee to open establishment from closed establishment
  • 69(2) Other issues like leaving, resignation, etc. wait tenure is not applicable in case of member (female) leaving to get married
  • Compensation is paid to discharged member under ID 1947 act

2. EPF Status Without Two Months Waiting Period :

  • 69(1)(a) Retirement after 55 years
  • 69(1)(b) Retirement because of disability
  • 69(1)(d) Termination on retrenchment
  • 69(1)(dd) VRS termination
  • 69(1)(c) To permanently settle in abroad
  • Settlement of epf balance status via form 20

1. Nominee is paid in case of member’s death

2. All family member are paid if no nomination is there as per 2(g)

3. Where 70(i), (ii) are not applied, one who is entitled to it legally, is paid

4. EPF Balance Status Payment to Minor’s Guardian :

  • Guardian as per Guardian n Ward 1890 Act
  • Guardian as per para 61(4A)
  • Natural guardian
  • Guardian declared by commissioner

5. EPF Balance Status Payment to Insane Person’s Care Taker :

  • Care taker under 1912 Lunacy Act
  • Natural guardian
  • Care taker declared by commissioner
  • Other benefits of employees provident fund status

1. Withdrawals

2. 68(BB) Loan repayment

3. 68(J) Dvance from illness fund

4. 68(K) Advance from marriage fund

5. 68(L) Advance in conditions of abnormality

6. 68(N) Advance grant to physically challenged members

7. 68(M) Advance to electricity supply cut affected member

Application Process of Employees Provident Fund Status :

  • The employees provident fund status is not imposed on Jammu n Kashmir
  • EPO 1952 Act is Applicable to :

1. Any establishment involved in Schedule I or Official Gazette

2. Establishment with 20 or more employees

3. Cinema with 5 or more employees :

  • Not applicable to co operatives with less than 50 employees
  • 1(5) Once employees provident fund status act has imposed, it continues even if establishment decreases employee numbers
  • Voluntary Coverage : When below mentioned two conditions are not met, under section 1(4) voluntary coverage act will be applicable

1. Employees enjoying benefits of old age pension or 16(1) (b), establishment under central/state government as per government rules

2. Establishment under provincial, central or state act and employees benefiting from old age pension and contributory PF

EPF Status Check :

  • On EPO official website, click Grievance under Employer section
  • Click EPFiGMS; a new page appears
  • Click View epf status on this new page
  • Type Registration Number, Password, Image Character and click Submit
  • EPF balance status appears
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